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Note to Self: Stop Taking Notes!

Recently I had the enormous pleasure of taking in the sights and sounds of some more tropical latitudes in Fort Lauderdale and then Cancun. Fort Lauderdale was first, where I attended a seminar full of like-minded people and I learned … Continue reading

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Poll: What Is Your Biggest Financial Regret?

You can learn from your mistakes. Hindsight is 20/20. History forgotten is history repeated. These may be clichés, but there is more than an ounce of truth to them. That’s why I decided to reach out to my friends and … Continue reading

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Chips and Dips: The Smart Cards Have Landed

If you haven’t received one yet, a chip card is most likely on its way to you. Chip cards (also known as smart cards or integrated circuit cards) are your new frenemies, and they are not going away. The “Fren” … Continue reading

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